NAME: Hannah

DOB: 30/03/85

POSITION: President

COURSE/YEAR: Mechanical & Materials Engineering.

MUSICAL TASTE: This will most likely be lengthy. Let us start with the Goth side of my taste shall we. Predominantly Industrial, EBM, Noize. From here we can make the nice transition into Dance. Trance, Hardcore, that sort of thing. As long as it has a fuck load of bass Iím happy. The step to Metal is not quite to easy, but necessary none the less. This one ranges from cheese such as Power Metal through to Death & Black. I also like the odd bit of Blues, Ska, Indie & Grunge along with some seemingly genre less bands defines by Pink Floyd & The Cooper Temple Clause.

CLUB/PUB: There was a time before it burned down that I virtually lived in Edwards No. 8, though this has not been the case for a while. Not really being one for the other alternative nights around Brum this mostly leaves Reanimator, The Sanctuary & DV8 (surely I go out to other places here?). Two thirds of your committee have a tendancy to travel down to London for Slimelight, & occasionally Nottingham for Kryogenix.

NOTES: I fear that this section of our bios may be decidedly pointless, will most likely be filled with us talking bollocks for you because we feel we should use the section. We have been given the space, it must be filled!

Pat NAME: Patrick/Pat

DOB: 16/12/86

POSITION Treasurer

COURSE/YEAR Physics year 2

MUSICAL TASTE: Metal and rock of various descriptions, EBM, Industrial, dark elektro, noize, a few bits and bobs of trad, some country and folk, some Drum n Bass breakcore and hardcore (ideally dark and nasty), some tango and classical, some extreme grind, some trip hop and ambient, avante garde stuff, various other kinds of electronic stuff, some blues, and I'm sure some more I haven't mentioned on here!

CLUB/PUB : Slimelight! And more local, Edwards no.8, the Sanctuary etc for clubs, and for pubs Scruffy Murphys, Costermongers, and various other places about the place.

NOTES Not quite sure what should go here...if you want to ask anything about me then come and do so :D I'm the one with dreads so shouldn't be too hard to spot.

Ruth NAME: Ruth

DOB: 20/11/85

POSITION secretary

COURSE/YEAR Ancient history and Archaeology year 3

MUSICAL TASTE: I will leave most of the Metal or this is going to go on forever! Goth Wise - Trad, mainly and a bit of EBM. Anything from Sisters, The Mission and the Cult through to Covenant! I'm pretty open minded:). Metal wise basically: if it involves dragons/Trolls and Scandinavians its good:) Misc.Stuff: Folk (Show of Hands, The Levellers etc.), Porcupine Tree, PINK FLOYD!! and the wonderful Cooper Temple Clause (if you like them too, talk to Hannah and myself:))

NOTES hmm... no i am note free:D